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Nov 13, 2012

Sad Santa by Tad Carpenter

Just in time for the hol­i­days, Tad Carpenter has writ­ten and illus­trated a new book. It’s a fun story about how Santa gets the post-holiday blues … When the toys are all made, the presents handed out, the Christmas cookies eaten, and the stockings unhung from the chimney with care … Santa is miserable. His reindeer and elves can’t lift his spirits, and even a vacation with Mrs. Claus doesn’t do the trick. Will Santa ever feel like his old holly-jolly self again? This quirky, funny, and completely unique picture book by author/illustrator Tad Carpenter will appeal to kids and parents alike.

Sad Santa the book in stores everywhere books are sold now:


Jul 24, 2012

Good Read: ReWork

Rework was written by Jason Fried and David Heinmeier Hanson of 37 Signals. Personally, I introduce this book to every aspiring creative/idea maker/entrepreneur. It aims to rewrite the rules of succeeding in our business lives with a fresh, down-to-earth approach.

The business world is changing and books like Rework are what are going to help you adapt. Because after all, if you stand still while everyone moves forward, you’re going to be left behind.